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Milwaukee Jewish Federation Mission Statement

Through the development of community-wide financial support, planning and allocations, the mission of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation is to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people, to enhance the quality of Jewish life and to build a strong unified Jewish community in Milwaukee, in Israel and throughout the world. Read more

A Brief History of the Federation System

When the Jews were exiled from the Land of Israel, nearly two thousand years ago, they dispersed across many countries, fragmenting into small groups among widely divergent cultures and empires. Under Christian and Islamic rule, in the German ghetto or in the Polish shtetl; however, the Jews remained internationally united. The glue was an allegiance to a code of laws and rituals set forth in the Torah and Talmud. Read more

Affiliated Societies of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation

On Behalf of the Community

The following properties are owned and operated by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation on behalf of the Jewish community:

Evan and Marion Helfaer Community Services Building;

Golda Meir Apartments;

Habush House;

Hillel Milwaukee;

Maurice S. Surlow Senior Residences;

Max and Anita Karl Jewish Community Campus


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MJF 2011-2012 Report to the Community

Celebrate the accomplishments of 2011-2012 in Jewish Milwaukee by checking out our Report to the Community.

New to the area?

Are you new to the Milwaukee Jewish community? We welcome you and hope that you will take an active part in community life. Information