MJF Officers and Staff

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Hannah Rosenthal, CEO/President
Cynthia Jansen, Executive Assistant

Campaign Department
Amy Kahn, VP of Development
Shelly M. Sampon, Campaign Manager
Lauren Berger, Development Associate
Denise Ron, Development Associate
John Grochowski, Donor Management Analyst
Bridget Hirthe, Administrative Assistant

Marketing Department
Stephanie Wagner, VP Communications & Strategy
Barb Budish, Senior Graphic Designer
Jeff Jones, Marketing & Communications Manager
Melissa Taylor, Digital Media Specialist

Business Services
Tom Lindow, Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Operations Officer
John Bennett, IT Manager
Pat Cornett, Accounting Director
Ari Friedman, Director of Community Properties
Becky Kunkler, Human Resources Manager/ Accountant
Shari Wiemer, Foundation Accountant
Jason Hockers, Accounting Assistant
Cheryl Vaughn-Modjeska, Accounting Assistant
Jessica Wittig, Accounting Assistant
Marcy Schneider, Helfaer Building Receptionist
Ken Spellman, Maintenance Associate

Planning and Outreach
Rabbi Hannah Greenstein, VP of Outreach
Noach Jubelirer, Director of Community Planning
Meghan Katch, Outreach Coordinator
Tela Bissett, Executive Assistant

Israel & Overseas
Elsie Crawford, P2G Coordinator
Ro’ee Peled, Communitiy Schliach
Michal Makov-Peled, Community Schlica & Israel Campus Fellow
Zabrina Tamarkin, Administrative Assistant

Jewish Community Relations Council
Elana Kahn-Oren, Director of JCRC
Shawn Matson, JCRC Assistant

Jewish Community Foundation
Caren Goldberg, JCF Executive Director
Amy Blumenthal, Director of Women's Philanthropy
Jen Vettrus, Development Associate
Amy Sugent, Executive Assistant

Coalition for Jewish Learning
Steve Baruch, CJL Director

Nathan & Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center
Bonnie Shafrin, HERC Director
Joan Champion, HERC Coordinator

Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Kathie Bernstein, JMM Director
Molly Dubin, Curator
Ellie Gettinger, Educator
Jay Hyland, Archivist
Hannah Lartz, Administrative Assistant

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
Leon Cohen, Chronicle Editor
Jane Dillon, Chronicle Sales Representative
Jennifer Rueth, Graphic Designer