The Ben-Gurion Society (BGS) is a national Young Leadership Society for young leaders (ages 25 to 45) who make a commitment of $1,000 or more to the Annual Campaign for the Community.  By being a part of BGS, members have access to networking and private events with an exclusive group of young Jewish professionals.

The Legacy of David Ben-Gurion

In 1948, David Ben-Gurion became the face of a great new generation of Jews. His single-minded passion for the Jewish people is as much a part of his legacy as is the State of Israel itself. Today, the Ben-Gurion Society embodies that legacy…young men and women combining their power, passion, and resources to build a strong and responsible Jewish community, at home, in Israel and around the world.

Throughout his life, Ben-Gurion never forgot that God said the Israelites must become a unique nation, a nation that embraces the higher virtues of truth, justice and compassion.  Milwaukee's Jewish community is based on these virtues, and today, the Ben-Gurion Society embodies that legacy through our community's young leadership.

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