Jewish Museum Milwaukee

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Visitors to Jewish Museum Milwaukee learn about and from Jewish history. The motto “Where Conversations Happen” guides our commitment to using the history, art and stories we exhibit and the programs we offer to prompt cross-cultural dialogue about timeless and widely relevant issues. Themes explored by the museum—including tolerance and prejudice, immigration, acculturation, social justice and community building—have universal and contemporary resonance.  In addition to the permanent exhibit JMM offers three special exhibits per year and over 40 programs. 

Hours are Monday - Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm; Friday, 10 am - 3 pm and Sunday, Noon - 4 pm, except for Jewish and national holidays. Admissions range from $6-$9, and members are admitted for free. Group and school guided tours are available. The Jewish Museum Milwaukee is a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

Executive Director: Patti Sherman-Cisler
President: Anneliese Dickman

1360 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202-3094
Long Business Description

The Rabbi Ronald and Judy Shapiro Museum of Judaica at Congregation Shalom is designed to showcase artifacts and art relevant to Jewish religion, culture, and history, while additionally depicting Congregation Shalom’s decades-long presence as a Jewish Reform synagogue in the Midwest. 

The Museum is housed in four areas throughout the circular-shaped synagogue, with each section created to draw visitors into distinct periods of Jewish art and culture. More than 225 items have been catalogued to depict: 

Religious artifacts, archeological finds, literature and art that reflect centuries-old contributions of Jewish people across the Mideast, Europe, and the United States;
A Midrashic art collection of 19th and 20th century works reflecting stories from the Hebrew Bible, including pieces by Joseph Israels, Salvador Dali, TheoTobiasse, and Marc Chagall.
Works of internationally-renown artists such as Yaacov Agam and Reuven Rubin that celebrate the energy and spirit of modern-day Israel;
Household items and art retrieved from the homes of European Jews who were caught up in the Holocaust. These items are displayed alongside works of post-war Jewish American artists paying tribute to “life in the Old World”; the exhibit includes the only known mural ever executed by famed Wisconsin regional artist Joseph Friebert.

This section also displays a 19th century Czech Torah rescued during WWII and sent to the U.K. This Torah is now proudly housed on permanent loan at Congregation Shalom. 

In addition to Joseph Friebert’s mural, The Rabbi Ronald and Judy Shapiro Museum of Judaica houses custom works by internationally known sculptors Richard Edelman and Suzi Derzon. Their unique contributions in bronze, metal, tapestry, and stained glass not only constitute the core of the Museum, but are also viewed by congregants as integral to our daily synagogue activities and services.  

Signage in each section allows for self-guided tours; free docent group tours can also be arranged by appointment. Please call the temple at 414-352-9288 to schedule.

(414) 352-9288
7630 N. Santa Monica Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53217