Happy Chanukah!

For hundreds of years, Jewish families have followed the tradition of giving gelt to our children on Chanukah. This year, consider giving a little gelt to the Milwaukee Jewish Federation as well. A little gelt goes a long way.

Your gift joins these thousands of other gifts making the kind of impact you just can’t make on your own. In fact, no gift touches more Jewish lives locally and around the world than a gift to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. You support the organizations and services you care about and others you didn’t even know existed but are doing a world of good. It’s the power of collective action, and that’s was Federation is all about.

No gift touches more Jewish lives.

Select your gift and add it to thousands of other gifts:

Chanukah $50 seniorschanukah $100 HolocaustChanukah $250 counselingchanukah $1000 collegechanukah $5000 day schoolchanukah $10000 camp

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