Youth Programs

School Twinning

Connecting classes. Teachers and students from schools in the Sovev Kinneret work together with classes from Milwaukee through cooperative study, video-conferencing and computer interface. This project is largely based on personal contact by the teachers. View photos from the Milwaukee Jewish Day School school twinning trip in Spring 2013.

Teen Mifgash

Teen connections. Teens ages 16 – 17 from the Sovev Kinneret and Milwaukee participate in a series of reciprocal visits to create real connections. Teens learn first-hand about each others’ lives, Jewish identity and the differences and similarities between the communities. This P2G program is organized in cooperation with the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center.

Mifgash 2016 Video

Mifgash 2014 Video

Mifgash 2013 Video

Mifgash 2012 Video

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