Beer, Cheese and Chocolate

When the land of milk and honey meets the land of beer and cheese…

Four Israeli artisans are coming to Milwaukee from October 26 to November 3, 2015 to share and to learn about artisan trades in Milwaukee. This sharing and learning between two cultures fulfills the mission of Partnership2Gether: cultivating people-to-people relationships between Milwaukee and our partner region, Sovev Kinneret, in Israel.

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Meet the Delegation


Gyora Chepelinski

“I made aliyah with my wife, Karina. and our 2 kids. We arrived to Ein Zivan, a very small kibbutz, and fell in love with it. After a few years, we decided to realize a dream and open a small chocolate shop. So, in 2006, we opened a small chocolate boutique that grew to a small factory with 35 employees today.” Contact Gyora.


Yael Grunwald

“Two years ago, the Grunwald Brewery was established by my dear partner who happens to be my husband, making an old dream come true. The brewery brews four kinds of beer that are shaped to the personal taste of my husband and based on recipes from all over the world. These were localized to the Israeli taste, weather, and the local raw material.” Contact Yael.


Atalya Kabiri-Trua

“The past six years we have been hosting couples and families from Israel and abroad. On the property, we maintain an ecological agenda with a vineyard, vegetables, herb gardens, fruit trees, chickens and goats. From this, we produce eggs and goat’s milk and cheese as well as olives, olive oil, wine and jam for use by the guests and family.” Contact Atalya.


Chana Eta Otzeter

“For the past 12 years, I have been working in the kibbutz dairy. We make three kinds of cheese – gouda, zfatit and cream cheese. We also prepare yogurt, gil, sour cream, milk and low fat milk. I enjoy my work and we teach whomever wants to learn.” Contact Chana.


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