Host a Shin Shin

Opening your home to host a Shin Shin for a 5-month period will bring great rewards to your entire family as your family becomes a “living bridge” to our Partnership2Gether communities in the Sovev Kinneret region, around the Sea of Galilee, in Israel.


Shin Shin Itamar Shahar and Shani Shmul with host family

The home hospitality aspect of the shin shin program is equal in importance to all the other program components in the schools and agencies. Providing a warm, welcoming and nurturing family life is the foundation that will help Shin Shinim feel safe and secure so to do the work that they came to Milwaukee to do.

Living in your home as a family member allows Shin Shinim to understand American Jewish family life and culture up close and personal. The Shin Shinim will be immersed in our community and be able to experience more of what the Milwaukee Jewish community is about.

Because of host families, the Milwaukee community will have the opportunity to meet a Shin Shin, enjoy his or her knowledge and personality and hopefully create new and meaningful connections with Israel. Learn more about the Shin Shinim program.

Host Family Testimonial

Watch as the Carneol Family talks about their experience as a host family and how the Shin Shins became new members of their family.

Interested in hosting a Shin Shin? Want to get more information about hosting? Want to talk to a past Shin Shin host family?

Susie Rosengarten
P2G Coordinator

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