Introducing LOMED: Learning Opportunities for Milwaukee Educators

CSI (Congregational School Initiative) Gets a New Name and Adds Programs

For the past ten years, the Coalition for Jewish Learning has been providing professional development classes for religious school teachers through CSI (Congregational School Initiative). This program has been an enriching experience and has added to the professionalism of Milwaukee’s already amazing teachers. In the past two years, CSI course offerings have been expanded to include teachers from local Jewish preschools and day schools. The teachers involved in these classes have learned so much from collaborating with one another.

In recognition of this change, CSI is getting a new name: LOMED: Learning Opportunities for Milwaukee Educators. LOMED is also the Hebrew word for learning. While two sessions a year (the Back to School Workshop in August and Midwinter Teacher In-service in February) will still be targeted to supplementary school teachers, the rest of the courses will be open to all Jewish educators in Milwaukee. In addition, the $300 stipend for completing 10 hours of training will now be available to all teachers participating in the program.

New for this year will be a pilot of a mentoring program for supplementary school teachers and a Introduction to Teaching for those interested in entering the classroom for the first time. Look for more information about LOMED classes in upcoming newsletters. If you are interested in the class for new teachers, contact:

Tziporah Altman-Shafer

Classes and Upcoming Events for Teachers