Endowment Opportunities

Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE)

Ensure that an annual gift of $5,000 or more will be made in your name to the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign in perpetuity by establishing a permanent Lion of Judah endowment fund within the Jewish Community Foundation.

You can fund a LOJE with $118,000 or more through a gift of cash, securities, property, other vehicles such as life insurance (a good option in particular for younger donors) or through your estate plan. The Lion of Judah Fund is an investment in the long term future of our Jewish community that will perpetuate your Jewish values and serve as a model to future generations.

For more information about the Lion of Judah Endowment, please contact Executive Director Mitch Moser at 414-390-5718 or click here.

Donor Advised Funds

You and your family can create your own donor advised philanthropic fund at the Jewish Community Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution of $2,500 or more in cash, stock or other property. You can then recommend gifts from the fund to the Jewish and non-Jewish charities you support. The Jewish Community Foundation does all of the record keeping, check writing, and mailing without charge to the donor, so it enables you to centralize and streamline your charitable giving. The Foundation can also help you plan your giving as a family, including involving children of all ages in the process.

For more information about Donor Advised Funds, please contact Executive Director Mitch Moser at 414-390-5718.