Jewish Holidays

A Planning & Scheduling Guide for Community Members

Scheduling around holidays is challenging; it is one of the ways that we express who is included and who is excluded, who is valued and who is not. We at the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) are pleased to provide you with this 5-Year Calendar of Major Jewish Holidays to help ensure a vibrant, safe and inclusive Milwaukee.

This calendar lists the dates of the major Jewish holidays. The Jewish calendar has both lunar and solar elements, so the dates for holiday observances vary from year to year. Please note that all Jewish holidays begin at sundown the evening preceding the holiday. During observance of the major Jewish holidays, work is traditionally prohibited. Therefore, members of the Jewish community may be unable to participate in school, meetings, conferences, or other activities.

The calendar is intended to be a useful tool for planning and scheduling activities, such as public meetings, conferences, major programs, performances, and school-related activities.

Order Printed Calendars

Each year, the JCRC provides this 5-Year Calendar to individuals, Wisconsin schools, municipalities, organizations and Jewish institutions. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to order additional 5-Year Calendars to distribute to your membership, staff, constituents or communities.

You may order up to 50 calendars free of charge and $2.50 for each additional 50. To order, please order by contacting the JCRC Assistant at 414-390-5781.