Donation FAQs


Why Federation? Why Now?

  • Because the Government of Israel has asked Jewish Federations to intensify their efforts in providing humanitarian support to the people of Israel during this time of conflict.
  • Because if the past is any guide, the majority of charitable contributions that will help the Israeli people during times of crisis will come from Jewish Federations across North America.
  • Because Federations can uniquely access a wide network of support, reaching the most Jews in the most communities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Because Hamas’ upgraded military capabilities mean that today, three quarters of Israelis live within range of rocket fire. Missiles have hit from Beer Sheva in the south to Haifa in the north. And it’s not over yet.
  • Because in the precious few seconds between a siren blast and a rocket hit, lives can be destroyed, or changed forever.
  • Because the elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged and new immigrants have specific and urgent needs for comfort and care.
  • Because we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel—today and always.


How Will the Resources Be Used?

Federation dollars allocated in this emergency campaign will impact tens of thousands of Israelis in just one week.

Relief from the Line of Fire for 20,000 Children This Week

For the tens of thousands of children who live within 25 miles of Gaza, the current situation is not a flare-up. They have spent the last 13 years under fire. Our partner agencies are teaming up to provide them with much-needed time away in summer camps and youth villages far from the line of fire.

Total Allocated: $2,200,904  

Partners: The Jewish Agency for Israel, World ORT, Ethiopian National Project, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and Masorti Movement

Help for 20,000 of Israel’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

In normal times, Federation-supported senior centers provide thousands of elderly living in poverty—many of them Holocaust survivors—with food and comfort.   Today, it’s too dangerous for them to travel.

For new immigrants, lack of familiarity with a new environment and language barriers make living through the constant barrage of attacks even more traumatic.

Our partners are deploying a host of caseworkers to bring food, medicine and comfort to the elderly in their homes, and to alleviate the fears and concerns of new Israelis at home, in shelters and in community centers.

Total Allocated:  $1,236,500

Partners: The Jewish Agency for Israel, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism

Trauma Support for 12,000 Israelis

Where do you spend the night when your home is destroyed? What is the psychological impact on the most vulnerable when nearly all Israelis are within range of rocket fire? Federation programs that provide psychological, emotional and spiritual counseling fill in the gaps when government programs aren’t enough.

Total Allocated: $1,057,000

Partners: Israel Trauma Coalition, The Jewish Agency for Israel and Masorti Movement

Flexible Assistance for 10 Communities Hit Hardest by the Conflict

Local municipalities are at the forefront of managing community services and responses to attacks. Federation has deep partnerships with these cities, and targeted local assistance helps bridge the gap between government aid and needs, enhancing the resilience of their populations.

Total Allocated:  $500,000

Partners: JFNA along with Federation representatives in Israel