Keren Weisshaus speaks on Perception of Body Image in Israeli Art

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Our community Shlicha Keren Weisshaus will be speaking to the Congregation Sinai Women’s Club but the event is open to the community.

The Israeli art field has always had a complex relationship with the representation of the human body and the female body in particular.

Much like the Zionist movement wished to form a new perception of the Jewish people, the art world wished to form a new Jewish body image.

The body was a tool artists enlisted to convey ideological messages and later used as a way to express their criticism of Israeli society.  The female body was not only objectified to please the eyes of the beholder, it was recruited to give birth to a new nation.

We will discuss how the evolution in the Jewish body representation can lead to a better understanding of the undercurrents of the Israeli art world.

Israel Center

10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Open To Public

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Allison Hayden: or 414-390-5724