Social Justice

The Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council works toward a just community that reflects American and Jewish values. JCRC’s mission is to speak as the representative of the Jewish community on issues of public affairs and public policy by convening and mobilizing the Jewish community through education, advocacy, social justice and support for Israel.

A bridge to the community-at-large

The JCRC works with other faith, ethnic and community groups to promote religious freedom, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding. Example: JCRC launched HoursAgainstHate.org to encourage individuals to take responsibility for promoting tolerance.

Educating and Advocating for Israel

The JCRC strives to increase knowledge and support for Israel in the Jewish community and the community at large. Example: JCRC hosted the Deputy Consul of Israel to the Midwest for a series of meetings including a security briefing for Jewish schools, synagogues and agencies.

Influencing public policy

The JCRC acts as the eyes, ears and voice of our Jewish community, helping to mobilize us on key legislative issues. Example: JCRC organized a seminar on Concealed Carry for Jewish community agencies, schools and synagogues.

Safeguarding the Jewish community

The JCRC protects Jewish security and the rights of Jews everywhere, monitoring and responding to anti-Semitic activity and promoting tolerance. Example: The JCRC assisted Jewish students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison respond when the student council attempted to pass blatantly anti-Semitic legislation.

Engaging in tikkun olam

The JCRC mobilizes Jewish volunteers to work together to strengthen our community and repair the world. Example: JCRC led a coalition to organize an interfaith anti-poverty event, “Responding to Hunger: Creating Local Solutions.”

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