Meet the “Dream Team”

Hagar_newHagar Hofesh
Hagar is a medical clown who specializes in anxiety and post-traumatic patients. Read Hagar’s CV to learn more about Hagar’s experience. Read about Hagar’s work during Operation Protective Edge at Bazily Hospital during the missiles attacks on the south of Israel.




Hertzl_newHertzel Gabriel
Dr. Hertzel Gabriel is the Medical Director of the Jordan River Village and a Pediatric Hemato-Oncologist. Read Hertzel’s CV to learn more about Hertzel experience.




ShoshiShoshi Ofir
Shoshi is a medical clown and research at The Tene Center who specializes in sexually abused patients and invasive examinations of children in hospitals. Read Shoshi’s CV to learn more about Shoshi’s experience.




Dafna_newDafna Tener
Dafna is a researcher and has a PhD in social work. Read Dafna’s CV to learn more about Dafna’s experience.





HamutalHamutal Ende

Hamutal is medical clown who specializes in working with children who have autistic disorders in special kindergartens and in private one-on-one treatments. Read Hamutal’s CV to learn more about Hamutal’s experience.




Professor Bernie Warren Ph.D

Professor Bernie Warren Ph.D is an internationally respected researcher and teacher on the role of the arts in healthcare and education. He is from Canada and as part of the Medical Clown Delegation he will speak at Chai Point and the Jewish Home and Care Center on Friday, November 21 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. His workshop for health care professionals will touch on clown techniques to work with the elderly with dementia and Alzheimers. Students, social workers and other health care workers can get proof of attendance. It is a free event which will need pre-registration through Jewish Home and Care Center. For more information, contact Elsie Crawford at 414-390-5762.