2016 Recruitment Incentive Program

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In an effort to further capitalize off of the power of word-of-mouth, we are pleased to offer a new program this year. This incentive program will reward your efforts to recruit fellow Milwaukeeans to take part in Jewish overnight camp and benefit from the One Happy Camper grant. You are the best ambassadors for Jewish camp and we want to recognize your hard work reaching out to fellow parents while also encouraging you to continue your investment in Jewish camp. When you recruit a family to participate in One Happy Camper, you will be rewarded with a $200 grant to help offset the cost of camp for your child.

Here are some additional details about the program:

  • If you recruit a Milwaukee-area family to take part in the One Happy Camper program, you’ll receive $200 recruitment incentive grant towards your child’s camp tuition for the coming year. If your child will not be participating in Jewish overnight camp, you may direct the $200 credit to help the family you’ve recruited to offset their camp tuition (this will be on top of their One Happy Camper grant).
  • Payment will be provided directly to the camp. Eligible camps are those Jewish overnight camps recognized by the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Click here to find a list of these camps.
  • The incentive grant will only be provided for campers who are found to be eligible for the One Happy Camper grant, who successfully register for the grant and for camp, and who successfully complete their entire camp session. Funds will be provided at the beginning of the camp season and applied directly towards the camper’s tuition balance. If a camper does not fully complete the session for which they registered, the $200 recruitment incentive grant will be returned to the Jewish Community Foundation of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.
  • A maximum of two (2) incentive grants can be earned per referring individual. Newly enrolled families with more than one registered child will only be counted as one referral. There can be only one referring individual per newly registered child.
  • Recruitment incentive grants will only be made available for the upcoming camp season, and cannot be “banked” for future use.
  • In order to receive an incentive grant, both the referring individual and the One Happy Camper enrollee must email Rabbi Hannah Greenstein, VP Israel and Overseas. This must be done only after the OHC enrollee has successfully completed their One Happy Camper application and registered for camp.
  • The program is subject to funding limitations and the recruitment incentive grants are available on a first come, first serve basis. The program is subject to cancellation or modification at any time.