Overcoming Common Objections

Begin your response to an objection by saying, “I understand how you feel. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.”

I prefer to give directly to other Jewish causes (or to a particular Federation partner agency).

Our campaign tagline is “No gift touches more lives.” This isn’t just a slogan. Federated giving allows you to make a single gift that sustains Jewish life locally and in 70 countries around the world. A single gift helps ensure that our community will always have a full array of the programs and services that sustain and nurture Jewish life. We encourage our donors to support the individual organizations that are meaningful to them. A gift to the Federation supports more than any specific agency. It’s about the Jewish community as a whole, and ensuring that it’s healthy and strong today and tomorrow.

I don’t give to the Federation because I don’t want my money going to XYZ agency.

I understand your concern. It’s important to know that a gift to the Federation is about supporting our community’s needs with a full array of the programs and services that sustain and nurture many facets of Jewish life.

Put me down for the same gift as last year.

Thank you. We are so grateful for your continued support. The Federation depends on our loyal donors like you to ensure that we have stable funding for the community. Since the cost of providing services increases every year, I would appreciate your considering even a small increase of ($18, $50, $180 etc.), which would make a difference. Small increases from many donors add up to a significant increase in support for the services our community depends on.

I don’t want my money going to Israel because I don’t like the government.

Please know that your gift does not go to support the government of Israel. It supports individual Israelis. For example, your money helps purchase crisis medical equipment, repair dilapidated bomb shelters and provide emergency support for families affected by rocket attacks.

I’m angry that you’re giving less money to Israel.

I understand. This was a very difficult decision, but the Israel and Overseas committee and the Board felt that keeping more resources local would help provide more adequately for needs here in Milwaukee. This includes increased local programming that will help bring Israel education and awareness to the local community. Even with this change, 30% of the dollars raised through the campaign goes to Israel and overseas for ongoing support. And, when Israel is in crisis, we respond with emergency support. We raised nearly $300,000 for the recent crisis.

My own financial situation isn’t great, and I can’t give an increase.

I’m sorry to hear this. It’s a very challenging time for many of our donors. Whatever amount you are able to give is extremely helpful and appreciated.

My own financial situation isn’t great, and I don’t think I can make a gift this year.

I’m sorry to hear that, you’ve been a very generous donor for many years, and we are grateful for your past support. I hope that circumstances improve for you.

I have a home in another community, and I prefer to give my gift to the Federation there.

I understand your desire to support the Federation in your new community and encourage you to do so. I hope you will also continue giving to the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. We hope you feel a special connection to our community – where you raised your family, built your business and enjoyed the strength of our thriving Jewish community – a community that you and your peers helped build. I hope this connection will inspire you to continue supporting the Milwaukee Jewish community.

I had a bad experience with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and refuse to support the organization.

I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Please tell me about it.