How to Reopen

Each day of the COVID-19 pandemic presents us with serious new issues to tackle. Now, as talks begin about reopening Milwaukee, it is simultaneously unthinkable to go back to “business as usual.” Determining how to resume or more fully open operations can be overwhelming.

The Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s internal task force, in planning our own reopening and strategizing how to assist the broader community, has had one guiding principle: the sanctity of life, Pikuach Nefesh. The safety of every human being is paramount and drives every decision. During these difficult times the Milwaukee Jewish Federation also has continually sought guidance from our mission: to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people, enhance the quality of Jewish life and build a strong, unified Jewish community, especially through the provision of our leadership and resources. We are collecting resources from public health officials, the Secure Community Network and others to guide the reopening process. The following is being provided as resource tools for your organization.

Reopening Kit

Ari Friedman, MJF’s Director of Security and Community Properties, is part of the national Secure Community Network’s reopening working group, which has several resources to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak:

For further questions, please email Ari or call (414) 390-5740.

Resource and Wellness Memos

Below is a curation of critical information, resources and trends about the reopening process during the pandemic that are relevant to our work of caring for the needs of the Jewish people and our guiding principle of Pikauch Nefesh, the sanctity of life.

Other Local Resources

Other National Resources