Avi Robinson

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Avi-Robinson1 Served from 1989 – 1992

Q: How did being an Israeli emissary in Milwaukee impact your life and career path?

A: Having the experience of being a shaliach in Milwaukee gave me a much wider understanding of the American Jewish community as a whole and its evolving relationship with Israel. Having left the US for Israel upon completing high school I had not experienced the American Jewish community as an adult; I was impressed by the level of commitment by the community in Milwaukee to Israel but also aware of changes, especially in the younger age groups. The three years in Milwaukee gave us a chance to experience American life and culture, spend more time with close avi-robinson2family in Chicago, and experience living in an urban setting having spent the previous 7 years living on a kibbutz. My three children especially benefited from their experience at MJDS.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I had experience in international business and diplomacy and upon our return to Israel I worked in international sales and marketing for a high-tech company. I later worked in international business for an American industrial company. I am now remarried and living in Florida working as an independent financial analyst.

Q: What are your fondest memories of your time in Milwaukee?

A: My fondest memories of our time in Milwaukee are a blend of the warm and open embrace of the community and wonderful friendships we made, spending time with my family sharing Israeli culture at summer camps in the beauty of north Wisconsin, and planning and participating in Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebrations.

Avi Robinson