Every three years, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, in collaboration with our partner JAFI, brings a new Shaliach (cultural emissary) to live and work in our community. The goal of Shlichut is to make meaningful connections with Milwaukeeans.

The Legacy of 50 Years of Shlichut in Milwaukee

The shlichut program in Milwaukee is the oldest continuous shlichut program in the United States. Watch a film that reviews the 50-year unbroken chain of shlichim who have become integral parts of the Milwaukee Jewish community.

Meet Uria Roth, Milwaukee Community Shaliach

Uria was born and raised in Kriyat Atta, a small town outside of Haifa. When he was 15, he went to a boarding yeshiva outside Hadera in Kfar HaRoeh. In the army, Uria served in a human relations unit in Kiryat Shmonah in addition to continuing with his yeshiva studies. Afterward, Uria started working for the Jewish Agency for Israel on a shlichut in Azerbaijan working for the Jewish community in Baku, connecting them with Judaism and Israel. His second shlichut was in Rome, Italy working with Jewish youth groups. After these two shlichuyot, Uria traveled in India and Southeast Asia. When he returned to Israel, he started his university degree in Political Science and Theater at Tel Aviv University. He completed a Masters Degree in Political Science at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He continued to work for the Jewish Agency during his studies, coordinating the former Soviet Union summer camps. Uria married Moria in June of 2008.

In 2010, Uria, Moria and their one-year old son Nadav went on another shlichut in Los Angeles working for the Conservative Movement in the Far West region. While in LA, they had their second child, Ronnie. They returned to Jerusalem in 2013 and Uria worked as the summer shlichim coordinator for three years. Most recently, Uria worked for the Fuchsberg Center of United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism running trips to Israel for Jewish High Schools and United Synagogue Youth from the United States. During this time, Uria and Moria had their third child, Yuval.

In his free time, Uria loves theater, music, movies, traveling, watching television and sports. His favorite TV shows include The Good Fight and The Americans. He is a huge fan of basketball, football, baseball and hockey.

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Meet Shaked Ram, Israel Campus Fellow

Shaked Ram is the new Israel Campus Fellow at Hillel Milwaukee, funded by Milwaukee Jewish Federation and Jewish Agency for Israel.

Shaked was born in Petach-Tikva and raised in Matan, a small town in the center of Israel. Shaked served two years in the IDF (Israel’s Defense Forces) as a commander of courses at the Logistics Force. During her service in the IDF, Shaked took part in Taglit-Birthright, with students from The University of Pennsylvania.

Shaked has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring in At-Risk Youth and Special Education from Beit Berl College. Shaked studied abroad for one semester in Krakow, Poland. While being there she found herself connecting to the Jewish community, taking part in community events and learning more about the diversity of Judaism. For the last year and a half, Shaked was working as a youth coordinator in a youth center in Oranit (a small town in the center of Israel). While having experience in a variety of fields of education, Shaked feels that being in Milwaukee, working with the Jewish community and especially the students, is an amazing experience, as she moves through a personal journey to re-discover her Jewish and Israel identity. Read more about how Shaked came to Milwaukee in this article in the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

Here in Milwaukee, Shaked works full-time on Milwaukee’s eleven campuses, engaging students of all backgrounds in Israel education and travel. When Shaked is not at Hillel, you can find her exploring the area, reading, baking, watching movies and having fun with friends! Shaked hopes to strengthen students relationship with Israel through taking the students to Israel and bringing Israel on campus.

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