Shin Shinim

The annual young emissary program brings two 18 year olds from the Sovev Kinneret region to Milwaukee to spend a pre-army year doing volunteer service abroad, a “Sh’nat Sherut” organized in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel. The Shin Shinim are involved in a variety of activities, connecting them to area public schools, to American teens, and to Jewish organizations such as synagogue religious schools, Hillel Milwaukee and Camp Interlaken. During the week, they work at the Milwaukee Jewish Day School and Gan Ami Early Childhood Education at the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center. The Shin Shinim stay with host families during their service year, forming close and often lifelong family friendships. Those interested in hosting Shin Shinim are encouraged to contact P2G staff.

Meet the Shin Shinim

2021-2022: Gal & Itay

Welcome to Gal and Itay! They arrived in Milwaukee on August 19, 2021. Gal is from Kfar Tavor, a small village in the north of Israel, and Itay is from Hadera, a city between Tel Aviv and Haifa. While in high school, Gal studied computer programming, geography and literature and considers herself a creative person. Itay has studied computer science, app development as well as physics and English and enjoys architecture and traveling. Both Gal and Itay were involved in youth movements in Israel and are so excited to be on shlichut in Milwaukee!

2020-2021: Noam

Noam’s Shin Shinim journey was unique. Due to the pandemic, she joined our community virtually from Israel in September 2020, and then arrived in Milwaukee at the end of December 2020. Noam is from Tzur Moshe, a moshav in the Sharon region. In school, Noam studied graphic design and biology. Noam enjoys baking, hiking and traveling as hobbies and volunteers as a first responder and counselor for Magen David Adom.

2019-2020: Khen and Omer

Khen and Omer arrived in Milwaukee at the end of August 2019. Khen is from Karmiel, a city in northern Israel, and Omer is from Kibbutz Degania Alef. In school, Khen studied electronics, physics and computer science while Omer studied Arabic, biology and music. To relax, Khen enjoys spending time with family and friends and making collages. Omer enjoys playing saxophone, piano, guitar and drums, playing in his band called “HaRaftanim” and playing sports.

2018-2019: May and Yogev

May and Yogev arrived in Milwaukee in August 2018. They have grown up in different communities – May from Tiberias and Yogev from a moshav called Moshav Arbel. May is studying psychology and sociology and loves hip hop dancing. Yogev is studying cinema and theater and enjoys traveling, photography and writing stories.

2017-2018: Omri and Amit

Omri and Amit were Shin Shin in Milwaukee from August 2017 until July 2018. Omri is from a village called Lehavim in the southern part of Israel, and Amit is from a moshav called Kidmat Tzvi in the Golan Heights. Orm studied physics, biology and agriculture in high school, been involved in many youth movements in Israel and has been spending his summers at Camp Interlaken as both camper and a counselor for many years. Amit studies biology and theater in high school, enjoys traveling and drawing and has been involved with the teen leadership program Diller.

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