Israel Center

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What is Israel Center?

The Israel Center is a department of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and serves as Israel’s central address in the greater Milwaukee community. Our mission is to create connections between the people of Israel and Milwaukee through cultural, professional, educational and travel experiences. These connections are developed through two initiatives: Shlichut and Partnership2Gether, which are made possible through the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel.


Shlichut is an outreach program that brings shlichim (cultural emissaries) from Israel to live and work in Milwaukee. Our shlichim create a greater understanding of Israel and its people:

  • By helping individuals and groups of all ages find their ideal educational and travel opportunities in Israel
  • Through Israel advocacy and education
  • By bringing world-class performing and visual artists to our community

Partnership2Gether (P2G)

P2G is an initiative that links regions of the United States with regions of Israel. Our region, which includes Milwaukee and St. Paul, partners with Sovev Kinneret, which includes the Lower Galilee, Tibrerius and the Jordan Valley. Here are a few of the programs that help us create connections between our communities:

  • Shin Shin are young emissaries who spend a year of service in Milwaukee before serving in the Israeli army.
  • School twinning and teen exchanges create links among youth and teens.
  • Professional exchanges send delegations of professionals (chefs, social workers, environmentalists) to visit and learn from each other.
  • YA’AD is a young leadership program in Israel that works closely with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Weinstein Fellowship for developing young leaders.
  • Volunteer opportunities foster one-on-one relationships between Milwaukeeans and residents of Sovev Kinneret.