Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

About the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Whether published in “hot lead” type or a website’s electronic pixels, weekly or (since 2009) monthly, The Chronicle has sought to present to the Wisconsin Jewish community news of the Jewish universe in all its local, national and international diversity — and not only to report it, but also to celebrate it.

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle contains:

  • Features about fun family events, like one family’s annual Chanukah latke-making contest;
  • News about the Jewish community, such as the negotiations between Whitefish Bay and the Milwaukee Jewish Federation over the Karl Jewish Community Campus;
  • State news of or affecting the Jewish community, like an anti-Semitic incident in Algoma;
  • National issues like school choice, Israeli issues such as prospects for peace; international issues including the status of Jewish communities throughout the world;
  • News of Jewish culture in all its variety — movies, plays, music, books, art;
  • And even cosmic issues like whether Judaism can accept the theory of evolution?

You will find all these and more in the pages of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

Read online at JewishChronicle.org.

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