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Updated December 4, 2023 at 11 am

As fighting continues, following the collapse of the ceasefire, three more soldiers have been killed, bringing the total number of IDF casualties since the ground offensive began to 76, (and to 401 since October 7). See details of all the fallen soldiers.

  • The IDF is now striking targets across Gaza, including the city of Khan Younis in the south, as ground forces continue to operate in the Strip, following the end of the ceasefire. The military said that it has expanded its ground offensive into the southern half of Gaza, promising to carry out its campaign with the same intensity as it has used in the Strip’s north.
  • The IDF also carried out strikes against some 200 Hamas targets in Gaza overnight. Among other targets, the military destroyed Hamas infrastructure inside a school in north Gaza which terrorists used to attack troops. Inside the school complex, IDF soldiers found weapons, as well as two tunnel entrances, including one that was booby-trapped.
  • As part of the hostage-release deal, a total of 105 hostages were released (of whom 81 were Israelis) from Hamas captivity.
  • It is believed that 136 hostages remain in Gaza including 17 women and 2 children.

Since October 7:

  • 1,225 Israelis have been killed, including 401 soldiers.
  • 105 hostages have been freed, but 136 remain in captivity.
  • 10,500 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilian targets.
  • 9,038 Israelis have been injured.

See here for a list of the names of those murdered that have been released so far, and here for a site in Hebrew with the names and photos of fallen soldiers.

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