About MJF

Each generation of Jews has the blessing and the responsibility of doing its part to ensure the future of our people. The Milwaukee Jewish Federation represents our community’s collective commitment to this future. We nurture and sustain a vibrant Jewish community through financial resource development, outreach and engagement and community planning.

By developing financial resources, we secure the means to support ourselves today through our Annual Campaign while creating a financially stable future through our $190 million Jewish Community Foundation. See where the money goes.

One Happy Camper

One Happy Camper kids

Through outreach and engagement, we build a larger tent of committed Jews who have the passion, knowledge and skills to lead us into the future. We help newcomers and others find their place in our Jewish community, develop young leaders and philanthropists, and strengthen our Jewish identity through Jewish education and our connection to Israel.

And through community planning, we help ensure a full array of programs and services to educate our children, provide for our seniors, support our most vulnerable and finance and maintain community properties for the enjoyment of all.

Together, we go from strength to strength here at home, in Israel and around the world.

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Mission Statement

Through the development of community-wide financial support, planning and allocations, the mission of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation is to care for the needs of the Jewish people and to build a vibrant Jewish future in Milwaukee, in Israel and around the world. In fulfilling its mission, the Federation is committed to the principles of Klal Yisrael (the collective unity of the Jewish people), tzedakah (the obligation to care for one another) and tikkun olam (improving the society in which we live).