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2021 Annual Campaign Video

2020 Annual Campaign Video

2019 Annual Campaign Video

2018 Year in Review Video

2018 Annual Campaign Video

2017 Year in Review Video

2017 Annual Campaign Video

SHOFAR KRAKOW Mission Recap Video

2016 Annual Campaign Video

Your Annual Campaign Dollars at Work

“Philanthropy: It’s Not Complicated” Video Series

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Episode 1                                                    Episode 2

Episode 3                                                    Episode 4

Episode 5                                                    Episode 6

“Why I Give” Video Series

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Matt Honigman                                           Tami Kent

Ben Stern                                           Lauren O’Desky

Lauren Berger                                           Brent Arnold

Jonathan Brostoff                                       Benjamin Kranitz

Monica Arnstein                                         Cheryl Moser

Jill Plavnick                                           Moshe Katz

Marlene Lauwasser                                       Rachael Marks

David Cohn                                           Joe Ellner

Mitch Nelles                                           Mike Rosenberg