You can reach our offices by calling our central phone number: 414-390-5700. To contact us by mail, send to 1360 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

To contact a Milwaukee Jewish Federation or Jewish Museum Milwaukee staff member directly by phone, dial 414-390- followed by the four digits listed after each name below. To contact staff from the Coalition for Jewish Learning or the Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center directly by phone, dial 414-963- followed by the four digit listed after each name below. To contact any staff member by email, click on the individual’s name.

View an alphabetical staff directory.

Miryam Rosenzweig, President and CEO (5707) Bio
Cynthia Jansen, Executive Assistant (5701)

Business Services

Tom Oechler, Chief Financial Officer (5721)
Pat Cornett, Accounting Director (5711) Bio
Ari Friedman, Director of Security and Community Properties (5740) Bio
Cole Griffin, Financial Analyst (5738)
Cindy Schaefer, Senior Accountant (5727)
Amanda Edwardson, Helfaer Building Receptionist (5745)
Mason Nowak, Accounting Assistant (5717)

Marketing & Community Planning

Stephanie Wagner, Chief Marketing & Planning Officer (5744) Bio
Tela Bissett, Executive Assistant (5720)

Marketing Department
Barb Budish, Senior Graphic Designer (5703)
Jeff Jones, Director of Marketing & Communications  (5783) Bio
Ashleigh Lund, Event Manager (5741)
Melissa Taylor, Digital Media Specialist (5739)

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
Rob Golub, Editor (5770)
Jane Dillon, Sales Associate (5765)
Amy Butterfield, Graphic Designer (5768)
Tela Bissett, Subscription/Circulation Coordinator (5720)


Caren Goldberg, Chief Development Officer (5737) Bio

Campaign Department
Shelly M. Sampon, Campaign Director (5723)
Emily Barker, Development Administrative Assistant (5719)
Lauren Berger, Young Leadership Director (5702)
Jane Chernof, Women’s Philanthropy (5725)
Dustin Klein, Senior Development Associate (5734)
Dana Margolis, Director of Women’s Philanthropy (5713)

Jewish Community Foundation
Jordan Primakow, Director of Philanthropic Services (5718)
Sowa Unora
, Executive Assistant (5712)
Jen Vettrus, Senior Endowment Associate (5722)


Rabbi Hannah Wallick, VP of Outreach, Israel and Overseas (5764) Bio
Anna Goldstein, Outreach/Teen Philanthropy Coordinator (5733)

Israel Center
Shaked Ram, Israel Campus Fellow (5716)
Susie Rosengarten, P2G Coordinator (5762)
Allison Hayden,  Israel, Education, and Jewish Community Relations Council Program Specialist (5735)
Uria Roth, Community Shaliach (5705)

Jewish Community Relations Council
Elana Kahn, Director (5736) Bio
Andrea Bernstein, Hours Against Hate Coordinator (5775)
Allison Hayden,  Israel, Education, and Jewish Community Relations Council Program Specialist (5781)

Coalition for Jewish Learning
Tziporah Altman-Shafer, Jewish Education Community Planner (963-2718)
Amanda Stein, Day School Grants Coordinator (963-2715)
Allison Hayden,  Israel, Education, and Jewish Community Relations Council Program Specialist (963-2717)

Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Patti Sherman-Cisler, Executive Director (5731)
Molly Dubin, Curator (5756)
Ellie Gettinger, Education Director (5742)
Jay Hyland, Archives Director (5759)
Cassie Sacotte, Special Events and Program Coordinator (5757)

Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center
Dr. Shay Pilnik, Executive Director (963-2719) Bio
Kari Altman, Coordinator of Outreach & Public Relations (963-2716)
Brittany Hager McNeely, Director of Education (963-2714)
Judy O’Hara, Administrative Coordinator (963-2710)
Sara Sillars, Educator (963-2712)

MJDS Girls Impact3