Why Federation?

The Federation makes an impact on the Jewish community in a way that no other organization can. Why?

  • We’re always looking at the big picture to ensure we’re investing dollars where they are needed most.
  • We safeguard your investment evaluating the finances, programming and governance of our partners.
  • We address community-wide needs like improving security and building endowments for the future.

Other ways that the Federation makes a difference in our community that no other organization can:

  • Only the Federation can help meet the needs of Jews in 70 countries around the world as well as Jews next door.
  • Only the Federation has developed deep and broad relationships throughout the religious, civic and law enforcement communities to help local Jewry every day and during times of crisis.
  • Only the Federation can finance and maintain seven properties for the benefit of our community, properties that provide housing to low income seniors and individuals with disabilities, as well as properties that house many of our local Jewish agencies.
  • Only the Federation can unite our diverse community around Israel.
  • Only the Federation can speak with a single united voice in the greater community.
  • Only the Federation can educate teachers in schools and synagogues regardless of religious observance.
  • Only the Federation can quickly raise and distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars when Jews face crises overseas or in Israel.
  • Only the Federation can give Milwaukee Jewry a voice in national and international conversations.
  • Only the Federation can secure planned gifts and investments for the community to ensure that we have the financial resources to meet our needs in the future.
  • Only the Federation can help ensure that the widest array of agencies and programs will still be serving our community years into the future.

Each generation of Jews has the blessing and responsibility of doing its part to ensure the future of our people. The Milwaukee Jewish Federation represents our community’s collective commitment to this future. No gift has a greater impact on the present and future of the Jewish community than a gift to the Federation. See where the money goes.