Partnership 2Gether

Partnership2Gether (P2G) is a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and the Jewish Agency for Israel, designed to cultivate people-to-people relationships, projects and professional programs between Milwaukee and our partner region, Sovev Kinneret, in Israel. Volunteers from Milwaukee collaborate with their Israeli counterparts on education, cultural exchanges, regional planning, medical care, ecological and economic development initiatives.

Galilee 2 Great Lakes: Explore Freshwater Ecosystems

Milwaukee, WI & Lake Michigan
Kinneret, Israel & Sea of Gallilee

Study and research freshwater ecosystems in this program designed for current high school sophomores and juniors.  You’ll collaborate and share knowledge in this cross-cultural program, studying the waters of Lake Michigan and the Sea of Galilee. The program includes a trip to Israel to learn first-hand about complex freshwater ecosystems and to help develop solutions via hands-on research for the future of water conservation.  Following, Israeli students will come to Milwaukee for a similar study.

Program Highlights:

  • Collaborate with high students from Israel to learn about water ecosystems and usage across two regions – Milwaukee & Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Parntership2Gether (P2G) Region,  Sovev Kinneret – with the goal of creating positive environmental change within each region
  • Travel to Israel in June 2023 for a 7-day trip to learn about water infrastructure, green technology, and other water-related initiatives.
  • Accommodations and meals provided by local hospitality in our partnership region
  • Be a part of group that welcomes the Israeli delegation to Milwaukee in July 2023

Cost: Approximately $1,350.00 to cover the cost of round-trip transportation and airfare to Israel

Contact Susie Rosengarten (SusieR@MilwaukeeJewish.org) for more information.

Partnership2Gether Programs

Shin Shin Program

Shin shins are young Israeli cultural emissaries who spend a year in service in Milwaukee before beginning their service in the army. Meet our shin shinim!

Professional Exchanges

Meeting and learning from professionals (whether from the Sovev Kinneret or from Milwaukee) is an effective way to create people-to-people connections between Israelis and Americans.

P2G Young Leadership Program (YA’AD)

YA’AD (Shay Shoshany Young Leadership Development Program) works closely with the Weinstein Fellowship, a leadership development program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

Where is our “Partnership” region?

The Milwaukee Jewish community is paired with the Sovev Kinneret region in northern Israel. It includes the communities of the city of Tiberias, the Lower Galilee, the Jordan River Valley and Kvar Tavor. We share the partnership region with St. Paul, MN.

P2G Volunteer Opportunities

In an effort to foster one-on-one relationships between Americans and Israelis, P2G offers Milwaukeeans a number of different types of volunteer opportunities in the Sovev Kinneret. Contact P2G Coordinator Susie Rosengarten at 414-390-5762 to learn more.

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