George Weinstein Fellowship

The George Weinstein Fellowship is the premier leadership program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders within the Milwaukee Jewish community. This initiative is rooted in principles of connection, learning, and active engagement. By assembling a diverse cohort of young adults, the Fellowship aims to fortify their leadership skills, empowering them to play pivotal roles as decision-makers in various capacities within the Federation, agencies, programs, synagogues, and other Jewish organizations across the community.

Established by the Weinstein family in memory of George Weinstein, a dedicated Milwaukee businessman and philanthropist, the Fellowship is a testament to his commitment to ensuring the enduring strength of the Milwaukee Jewish community across generations. Learn more about George Weinstein.

Join a distinguished network of over 120 Milwaukee Jewish leaders who have previously completed the Weinstein Fellowship!

Details for future Weinstein cohorts will be shown here when available. Please check back for details.


Applicant Process

  • Application Deadline: February 16, 2024
  • Applicant Selection: March 8, 2024*
  • Session Dates Announced: March 15, 2024
  • Weinstein Cohort 9 Kickoff: April 2024

*Applicants may be invited to additional conversations prior to selection, timeline subject to change, website will reflect all current dates and deadlines

Program Overview

The Weinstein Fellowship, Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s premier young leadership development initiative, is designed to shape the next generation of local and global Jewish leaders and philanthropists. Through a comprehensive 15-month curriculum rooted in core Jewish values, participants embark on a transformative journey with a network of their peers:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Jewish Community: Gain a deep understanding of the Jewish community in Milwaukee, Israel, and worldwide, including key players, dynamics, and challenges.
  • Connection to Israel: Foster a meaningful connection to Israel, promoting a nuanced understanding of its importance and relevance within the global Jewish context.
  • Community Leadership Development: Cultivate a sense of belonging within our community, forging connections with peers, alumni networks, and community leaders. Establish connections with agencies and programs within the Jewish community and lay the foundation for active involvement and leadership roles.
  • Philanthropic Engagement: Develop a profound understanding of philanthropy, emphasizing its crucial role within the Jewish community, and cultivate skills for impactful giving and engagement.
  • Continued Learning and Action: Engage in a curriculum that builds on Jewish values, promoting ongoing learning, reflection, and action, with a focus on leadership values, thereby fostering a network of leaders within the Jewish community and beyond.

The program offers a rich curriculum encompassing guest speakers, facilitators, insights from community leaders, leadership style assessments, Jewish learning, and community-building activities. Nationally recognized, the program serves as a model for other communities aspiring to develop young leaders.

Lauren O’Desky
Adam E. Witkov

What’s Expected

The Weinstein Fellowship requires a substantial commitment from fellows in terms of time, engagement, active participation, and philanthropic giving. Successful applicants commit to full participation in all scheduled sessions, including retreats and a transformative 10-day Israel trip. The program calendar is provided in advance to facilitate effective scheduling.

Program Commitments:

  • Meet one evening per month throughout the program duration (April 2024 – June 2025).
  • Attend a mandatory weekend retreat.
  • Actively participate and engage in all scheduled sessions.
  • Attend optional quarterly social events to foster community connections.
  • Commit to a volunteer opportunity with an agency, program, or Jewish organization, to be initiated no later than upon graduation.
  • Make a two-year commitment to the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign with a minimum gift of $360 in 2024 and $720 in 2025. Additionally, we ask that your minimum philanthropic giving to the Jewish Community be $500 for 2024 and $1000 for 2025.

Israel Trip Details:

  • Participate in a highly subsidized 10-day Israel trip in November 2024.
  • Fellows contribute approximately $1000 towards the overall cost of the trip.

This comprehensive commitment ensures a transformative and enriching experience, fostering leadership development and community engagement.

Weinstein Fellowship Candidates Have…

  • Demonstrated passion for and involvement in the Milwaukee Jewish community.
  • A willingness to learn, explore new ideas, and embrace diverse perspectives within the Jewish community.
  • A commitment to philanthropy and an understanding of its role in community development.
  • An appreciation for global Jewish issues, coupled with a strong desire to make a lasting impact on the local Milwaukee community.
  • A dedication to continuous learning and personal development, aligning with the program’s curriculum and values.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team setting, understanding the importance of collective efforts in community development.
  • Capability for strategic thinking and planning, with an eye for long-term community impact.
  • Appreciation for cultural diversity within the Jewish community, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  • A genuine interest in fostering a meaningful connection to Israel and incorporating it into leadership roles.
  • A commitment to making a lasting impact, demonstrated by a willingness to volunteer and contribute beyond the program’s duration.

After Graduation, Weinstein Fellow Alumni have:

  • Served as Jewish Family Services Board Chair
  • Served on the Milwaukee Jewish Federation Board of Directors
  • Served as Milwaukee Jewish Day School’s FTO Chair
  • Served as Vice Chair on the board for the Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center
  • Served on committee for MJF Israel Center
  • Served on Hillel Milwaukee’s board

Past Photos

Weinstein 8 Graduation
Weinstein 8 Israel Trip
Weinstein 7 Virtual Graduation
Weinstein 7 Sessions
Weinstein 7 Israel Trip
Weinstein 6 Graduation
Weinstein 6 Israel Trip
Weinstein 5 Graduation
Weinstein 5 Israel Trip
Weinstein 4 Graduation
Weinstein 4 Israel Trip