2022 Annual Campaign

Forward Together.

Decade after decade, over centuries and millennia, the Jewish people have relied on each other during challenging and uncertain times. We always move forward together no matter the challenge. Today, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation represents our communal response to the needs of our people at
any given moment.

More than a year into the pandemic, we continue to have unanswerable questions: How long will the pandemic last? What will the pandemic look like as it evolves? How long will the known impacts on our people and our institutions persist? And what impacts are we not yet aware of?

Last year you were exceptionally generous in supporting our shared mission. The late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks said, “We are as great as the challenges we have the courage to undertake.” You showed great courage by investing despite many unknowns, during a time when every individual and every Jewish organization was affected by the pandemic.

Federation was built to handle these uncertainties. Please partner with us in supporting Jewish Milwaukee by giving generously to the 2022 Annual Campaign. We cannot do this without you. Our community is counting on the combined power of your philanthropic dollars and MJF’s capabilities to tackle our most important needs. Join us in helping our community move forward, together. Give now.

A Message from the Annual Campaign Chair

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