2023 Annual Campaign

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

The Jewish people are a people of hope and courage, with a belief in each other and in our shared ability to change the world.

At a time when challenges seem to arise at every turn, these qualities enable supporters of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation to change countless lives in Wisconsin and around the globe.

Together, just in the last year, we rescued thousands of Ukrainians suffering through the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII, faced down antisemitism and illegitimate challenges to our homeland, and expanded our security program to every Jewish community in the state.

At the same time, we looked to the future by helping fill classrooms with students learning Jewish values, summer camps with teens welcoming Shabbat lakeside, and buses with college students visiting Israel for the first time.

Today we continue to face many complexities that seem impossible to overcome.

Yet we’ve been here before.

Together we have supported our Jewish homeland through war and conflict welcomed and cared for Holocaust survivors, resettled our family from the former Soviet Union, and navigated a once-in-a-century pandemic.

We are part of the unbroken chain of our ancestors who together care for the needs of the Jewish people and building a vibrant Jewish future.

We stand together.