2024 Annual Campaign

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

The Jewish people are one people, an evolving tapestry of dreamers and doers who capture the diversity of Jewish life.

The tapestry is created by individual moments when we become something greater than ourselves. Moments when we raise our voices against hate, when we feel safe enough to gather in prayer, when we support our neighbors in need. Together — and only together — are we able to move from today to tomorrow with strength and compassion.

Alongside our partner agencies in Milwaukee, in Israel and all corners of the world, our community is making a life-changing impact on the Jewish people. From helping refugees escape war-torn streets, to combating rampant antisemitism, to providing statewide security, to educating youth with Jewish values, we are helping our global family receive the support they need.

Every single person, no matter their background, has the blessing and responsibility to nurture and sustain our collective future. As a supporter of the Federation, you are part of the unbroken chain of our ancestors who collectively care for the needs of the Jewish people and building a vibrant Jewish future. You are helping tackle the most important issues of the day. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

By combining your donations with gifts from thousands of others, you have the kind of impact that few can have on their own – right next door, in Israel, and around the world. 

Here are a few examples of the work you make possible through MJF and our local, national, and overseas partners.