2021 Annual Campaign

Message from the Annual Campaign Chair

We find ourselves at a historic moment in time that will define us for years to come. Future generations will look back and measure the character of our community and of our leadership. They will measure us by the standard of a 2,000-year-old Talmudic mandate: Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, All Jews are responsible for one another.

Will we rise to meet the challenge? We have, and we will. The Federation was built for this moment: taking collective action to tackle our community’s most devastating and seemingly intractable challenges.

In the last century, you and those who came before you, fought rising antisemitism in Germany and here in Milwaukee. You resettled immigrants who fled the threat of WWII, and then embraced the Survivors with open arms. You helped build the State of Israel, opened our homes and our hearts to Russian refugees, and airlifted Ethiopians to safety.

More recently you have protected the security of our Jewish community and tackled the impact of apathy and lack of engagement in Jewish life. Now, we are called upon again, this time to ensure a vibrant Jewish community when we emerge from the pandemic.

Times change but our mission endures: caring for the needs of the Jewish people and building a vibrant Jewish future. Won’t you join us? Because we will rise to the challenge. Together. Give now.

Judy Coran, Annual Campaign Chair

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