Kesher Inclusion Project: Synagogue School Support Services

Inclusion and disabilities support is available free of charge for all synagogue schools in the Milwaukee area.  For more information please contact Jennifer Saber, Kesher Inclusion Specialist at jennifers@milwaukeejewish.org.  Here is a menu of offerings.  If you have an additional need please let Jennifer know. 

Intake Support

  • Communicate with student’s support system (parents, public school teacher, therapist, sports coach, etc.)
  • Review student files and gather disabilities support documentation (IEP and 504)
  • Develop individualized student learning plans 

Staff Training 

  • Teacher and madrichim (teen classroom assistants) professional development in-services and webinars
  • Technology support and sharing of educational tools for virtual learning

Teacher Support

  • Provide coaching and consultation to teachers on differentiation and implementation of inclusion strategies
  • Provide teachers with the tools and methods to build curricula and lessons that align to different students’ needs 

Student Support

  • Observation and assessment of students
  • One-on-one support of students

Learning Materials

  • Create support materials for classroom learning (i.e., flashcards, large print materials)
  • Adapt curriculum and lesson plans for all students 

Additional Support Opportunities

  • Help develop an inclusion lay committee for the synagogue school
  • Support B’nai Mitzvah tutors on teaching strategies 
  • Extra set of eyes, ears and hands