Nili Lamdan

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Served from 1992 – 1996

Q: How did being an Israeli emissary in Milwaukee impact your life and career path?

A: Being in Milwaukee, made us reevaluate our identity, we came with a strong Israeli identity, and during our years In Milwaukee our Jewish identity has been developed and has been strengthen. We fell in love with Jewish life, with the pluralism of Judaism which is flourishing in the diaspora.
Learned to respect and appreciate the devotion of the Jewish community to the continuity of Jewish life and it’s values.

Currently my work as a development consultant for the city of Tel Aviv, for Keren Hayesod (UIA) and more is a direct development of my career in Milwaukee.

My fondest memories are the people, our friends, and people whom we love and became major part of our lives.

Mission to Israel with leaders from the community was a unique experience. Initiating a teen group mission to Israel was an adventure and a special educational experience .

Celebrating holidays with friend, twice as you celebrate in the diaspora was very special to us.

Milwaukee became a second home to us. Our kids were born and raised in this wonderful place. Our friendship will last forever.

The love we all share to Israel and its people will be a memory we will carry forever.

Ron and Nili Lamdan