April 4-7, 2016

Partnership2Gether invites you to P2G@20

We invite you to come and be counted among the hundreds of people from Partnership2Gether communities in Israel and around the world, who will join together for four days of sharing each other’s cultures and lifestyles, networking and inspiration, and getting to know Israel in ways you’ve never seen – through the magic of our Partnership regions.

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What’s Included

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Day by Day  (See Itinerary below)

Monday, April 4, 2016: Opening Event

  • Individual arrivals, check into the hotel and at the conference.
  • A meaningful and inspirational opening event which will touch upon the essence of what we collectively strive to achieve in Partnership2Gether.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016: Northern Exposure

  • Group tracks to P2G Regions spanning northern Israel.
  • Each track will include both Israelis and overseas participants, and will explore a theme that inspires creativity and sparks motivation for community-building in your own Jewish organizations and Partnerships.
  • Each track will stop en route for a light lunch.
  • For dinner: Enjoy home-cooked food and a personal “welcome” from an Israeli family who will host you for a meal.

Sample Tracks:

  • The Magic of Music: Learn how the Nesher – Broward County Partnership has used the international language of music to break barriers.
  • If You Build It, They Will Come: This track will demonstrate how “living bridge” programs can be leveraged from capital investments. You will visit three educational facilities in the Northern Galilee that were built through Partnership support, and meet with beneficiaries of the Jewish identity programs that now take place in those facilities. Meet soccer players, doctors, and students involved in interfaith exchange, and many more.
  • The “Pot of Gold” in Every Partnership: This track will provide examples of how a Partnership region’s natural resources, history, unique character, or natural beauty can inform the development of educational and cultural programs that connect Israelis with their diaspora peers, while also stimulating the local economy. You’ll walk through sites in and near the Old City of Tzfat and dance to Klezmer tunes as musicians wind us through Tzfat’s back alley ways and on a trip back in time to the beginning of Kabbalah.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016: Taking the Soul Train to Southern Israel

We will rent a train – yes, all of us are hopping on board one train, specially chartered for this event – to take us into cities and towns in the Negev, from Kiryat Gat to Eilat-Eilot. (Those choosing to go to Eilat will take a flight instead of the train.) The ride itself will give you a chance to meet personally with beneficiaries of P2G programs, before you disembark for your chosen tour track.

Sample Tracks:

  • Leadership Development for a Jewish Tomorrow: You will hear from the mayor of Be’er Sheva, who is himself a product of Partnership2Gether programs. Go backstage for an interactive experience at a local theater: the actors, along with members of the P2G Steering Committee, will take you through their leadership-development programs and process. Continue to Be’er Sheva and see first-hand how Partnership alumni have brought their ideals of renewal and community development into the city.
  • Adventures in Jewish Identity: In the Negev town of Yerucham, partnered with Miami, use your cell phone to participate in a “techno scavenger hunt” that will bring you face-to-face with a variety of Jewish ethnicities, stories, and lifestyles.
  • Harnessing the Power of Jewish Foods: We will meet the founders of many moshavim (rural communities) who have graduated from P2G Women’s Empowerment programs and monetized their traditional cooking into successful catering and tourism businesses. We will sample their delicious menus and hear from them how they leveraged their farming into culinary attractions.
  • Each track will end back at our base for a “free night” on your own – with new and old friends – in Tel Aviv.


Thursday, April 7, 2016: The Power to Imagine

  • Instead of touring the Partnerships, the Partnerships will come to you. Embark to one of four “hubs,” each built around a different theme. Each hub will host numerous stations that demonstrate – in interactive ways – the creativity and impact of various Partnerships and provide a beautiful morning of dialogue, learning, and inspiration.
  • Lunch at each hub will be held together with alumni of Partnership2Gether programs: young, enthusiastic Jews from Israel and worldwide who will share their visions with you of their Jewish future.
  • Depart for Jerusalem for Closing Event.
  • Return to Tel Aviv.

The program is under development and subject to change. A full list of tracks including ALL participating Partnerships will be shared with you in the future.