Jewish Agency for Israel

Since 1929, The Jewish Agency for Israel has been connecting Jews with Israel, with one another, with their heritage and with our collective future.

The organization provides life-changing opportunities for Jews of all ages to experience Israel through internships, Hebrew language study, travel and academic programs. Participants return home with stronger ties to their Jewish identity and a deep love for Israel. For those who choose to make Aliyah (becoming a resident of Israel), The Jewish Agency facilitates the process and provides resources that help with the transition to Israeli life.

Not all of The Jewish Agency’s work occurs in Israel. The organization helps young Jews serve vulnerable populations and provide Jewish experiences to people around the world. And in the former Soviet Union, thousands of children and young adults each year experience their first taste of Jewish community at the organization’s summer camps.

Milwaukee shlichim, Michal Makov-Peled and Ro'ee Peled

Milwaukee shlichim, Michal Makov-Peled and Ro’ee Peled

You may have encountered JAFI programs right here in Milwaukee, as much of the Jewish Agency’s work occurs in towns and cities across the United States. Your children may have interacted with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s shin shinim in their synagogue schools. In coordination with The Jewish Agency, shin shinim are Israelis who spend a year before entering the Israeli army creating personal connections between children and Israel.

You may have enjoyed a world-class concert that was brought to you by the Federation’s shlichim (Israeli cultural emissaries). And you may know a lawyer or a social worker who participated in a professional exchange in Israel organized by Partnership2Gether. Working with the Federation, P2G connects cities outside of Israel with a sister region in Israel, creating transformative experiences in both communities.

Each of these programs helps secure the Jewish future by creating Jewish connections between communities like ours and Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.