Camp Testimonials

Read what other One Happy Campers grant recipients have to say about camp.

Home Away from Home


“I’ve been going to OSRUI for years, seven years, with my final camper year this summer. Through these seven summers, I’ve called OSRUI my home away from home, a place I can go in the summer to escape from the strain of the new school year. Sadly, it’s been hard for my family to get me to camp so I have been so blessed by the Federation’s generosity to help me and my family pay for the expenses through their many scholarships. Especially this year when I received the One Happy Camper campership from the Federation.

This summer I was able to go to Tiferet, the art unit, for four weeks at the end of the summer. I made many new friends and created new paintings in visual arts. I was able to take my talent in visual arts and expand on it. Making and my basic skills as an artist flourish. I also expanded my friend group, and I was able to be a camper again. I was thankful for the chance to be a kid again. I mean, I tie-dyed my pillowcase from Kallah Atid in honor of it being my last year. Tie-dyed it in my first year, tie-dyed it in my last, then had all my friends sign it so that I’d always keep them in my brain. I have so many friends spanning from Minnesota all the way to Israel! And it’s all thanks to the Federation (and Susan Alexander) getting me to camp and allowing me to call it home; A place where I actually feel like I belong. Now, I can’t wait to come back to camp my Avodah year.”

“There is no way we could afford to send our children to camp if it were’t for the generous support of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s One Happy Camper scholarship and other scholarships. Camp has strengthened their Jewish bonds and made them feel more fully a part of the worldwide Jewish community. We are so thankful for the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s support.” -Cecilia’s Mom

Foster Jewish identity

Eli (on left)

“Camp Interlaken is one of Eli’s favorite parts of the year. He looks forward to connecting with his friends and counselors, and really enjoyed the experience of “growing up” at camp. He loves the various activities he participates in, and comes home singing camp songs and reminiscing about Shabbat. We love that Camp Interlaken helps foster his Jewish identity!” – Eli’s Mom


“I started camp a little bit later than most campers start camp, I started at 13. I was so nervous to go to camp and I didn’t really want to go. But after the first couple days I had made a bunch of friends and I was having so much fun. It was one of the only places where I truly felt jewish with my friends. I also plan on coming back until I’m out of high school.” 

A love for Shabbat


“Camp was a great experience! I got to meet new friends, learn more about being Jewish, and had fun doing so many different activities. My favorite part was Shabbat because we all got to dance and celebrate our religion. Camp Interlaken really makes me feel like I am at home. I love it so much and want to go to camp forever!”


“This was my second year in Shoresh. I had a great 4 weeks of camp. I loved Shabbat, the Shabbat walk, the Israeli dancing, sports, the lake, Maccabia and services. All of these things made camp great! I feel very lucky to go to camp.”

Learn about yourself

Yonatan (on right)

“In ILTC, I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to be a good leader. I connected with Jewish teens from around the world and now, I hope to bring this experience back to my community.”

Liam (center)

“I was able to go to BBYO’s Camp Perlman Summer Experience. I had life-chaning experiences like the opportunity to interact with Palestinians and Israelis from “Kids For Peace” and getting one-on-one time with Holocaust survivors. At this experience, I gained a wide variety of skills that education, motivate and advocate for other Jews and other people. Through BBYO, I promise to bring in more leaders for the success of our movement, but more importantly, the success of the Jewish people.”

Make new friends


“Thank you so much for the opportunity. I loved meeting new people and creating lasting friendships at camp. I am forever grateful for the grant you provided me.”

“Our daughter Alanna thoroughly enjoyed her experience in the Moshavah program at Olin Sang Ruby this summer.   We share our profound thanks with the Foundation for Jewish Camp and the Milwaukee Jewish Federation for their generous One Happy Camper grant as this helped make it possible for Alanna to attend for a full month-long session.   At camp, Alanna made friendships with other Jewish children from all over the United States. She enjoyed adventure trips at some of the most beautiful locations in Wisconsin.  A highlight for her and her cabinmates, was each Shabbat celebrated at camp as it was a time for Alanna to celebrate her Judaism with other young adults.  We cherish the opportunity for Alanna to be unplugged from electronics for a month, but to be truly connected to other Jewish youth.” – Alanna’s Mom and Dad


“Jayson (pictured with sister Maya who was a staff member at OSRUI this past summer in an “Avodah” work/study year) attended Moshavah Aleph. He loved having the experience of going on multiple trips – biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Each trip lasted three days where they carried their own gear, made all their own food and camped out each night. Camp has helped him become more independent, while learning more about Judaism and making lifelong friends!” – Jayson’s Mom

Discovering Jewish community

Bari (on left)

“I went to Camp Interlaken for my first time last summer. I was entering 8th grade. It was the best month of my life. I already can’t wait for next year; my parents just signed me up. At camp, you don’t just do the activities that you sign up for. There is always something different that you do. Every night, there is a different evening program. We do things from having a bonfire with your grade to watching the 9th and 10th graders perform a play. Everything is always fun, no matter what!

At camp, everything is amazing. The counselors have such great enthusiasm and will do anything to make sure you are having a blast. I loved saying the prayer before and after meals. The prayers are fun to learn, and I love the catchy tunes. We even have hand motions to go with them. If you’re having trouble learning them, people will help you. Trust me, you say it three times a day and by the end of camp, you will have it memorized and you will be doing it in your sleep. Camp was the best decision I have ever made, and now I consider it my home.”


“I had a blast at camp! I learned how to water ski, and I got around the lake! During Shabbat I just get this sense of community that is amazing, its amazing how you’re surrounded by all Jews in your favorite place. I made new friends from Florida, Chicago, Boston and more. Overall I had a great summer.”

Variety of activities


“I enjoyed the great friends I made at camp. I also enjoyed the events like Maccabia and the dance parties we had.”


“I liked how you had choices to do what we would like. I also enjoyed how we had time to just hang out.”

Simply put, camp is fun


“Camp is great. I’d recommend it to any Jewish kids!”

James (on left)

“One of my favorite memories of camp was the ropes course. I really liked climbing to the top with my friends. There were many different obstacles and paths I could take. It was a great, fun experience that I enjoyed doing with all my new friends at camp.”

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