SHOFAR: Get Help Now

Need a Rabbi’s Advice?

To support the Orthodox community with the highest quality supportive services, SHALVA has developed an Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force, in partnership with a cross-section of 12 Chicagoland Orthodox rabbis.

To speak with any of SHALVA-trained rabbis anonymously, call 855-4SHALVA (474-2582) or call SHALVA at 773-583-HOPE(4673) for additional information.

Learn more about the Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force.

Local Help

Sojourner Family Peace Center has been designated the 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline for the City of Milwaukee and outlying communities since 1986. Staff and volunteers speak directly with victims from the scene of domestic violence incidents investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department and 18 suburban police departments in situations that are subsequently reviewed for criminal charges by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

The 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline also receives calls for information and support, and can help callers of all ages. All calls are confidential. 414-933-2722

The Women’s Center of Waukesha provides safety, shelter, and support to empower all impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and trafficking. As Waukesha County’s only agency of its kind, they provide a range of life-saving and life-changing programs and services that seek to counsel, heal and empower adults and children on their paths to build a future free from violence. Serving all of southeastern Wisconsin, their programs and services are offered at no cost and include a confidential 24-Hour Hotline. a 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline. All calls are confidential. 262-542-3828

Sojourner Family Peace Center and The Women’s Center are resource partners with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s SHOFAR initiative. They are supportive of the Jewish community and strive meet everyone’s individual needs.


The Women’s Center’s emergency shelter and support programs provide clients with the space and safety needed to make decisions about their future. Their services offer support and encouragement as survivors begin their healing journey and the resources necessary to move toward a future free from violence for them and for their family. The core philosophy is centered on client autonomy, as each individual is unique and comes to The Women’s Center with an equally unique set of circumstances. Clients receive customized care and support based on their needs, and all services are provided in a trauma-informed manner. To learn more or ask about shelter or other services, contact The Women’s Center’s 24-Hour Hotline at 262-542-3828.

Kosher meals and Shabbat accommodations can be arranged at both locations.

Counseling and Support Groups

SHOFAR is partnering with the following organizations who provide counseling, support groups, and other resources.

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services’ specially trained clinicians provide sexual assault and trauma-related counseling to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in multiple locations including at the Sojourner Family Peace Center. Their clinical practice advances a holistic approach with each client, helping individuals, families and children achieve stability, emotional healing and mental well-being. 414-390-5800 | 1300 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee


SHALVA is a Chicago-based organization focused on meeting the unique needs of Jews who are struggling with domestic abuse. They provide confidential counseling services to the Jewish communities of metropolitan Chicago and Milwaukee in a culturally-sensitive and caring environment. Clients receive free and individualized services for as long as needed. Kosher meals and Shabbat accommodations are available. 24/7 Help/Crisis Line 773-583-4673

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Sojourner’s primary goals are to ensure the safety of victims of family violence and provide a pathway out of violence for victims and abusers through opportunities to make positive and lasting changes for themselves and their children. Sojourner Family Peace Center is the largest nonprofit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin, serving over 9,500 clients each year. Sojourner provides an array of support aimed at helping families affected by domestic violence achieve safety, justice and well-being. Sojourner Family Peace Center has two therapists from Jewish Family Services on site. 414-276-1911 | 619 W. Walnut St., Milwaukee

The Women’s Center of Waukesha

For 41 years, The Women’s Center has provided programs and services that emphasize healing, empowerment, and justice. All of their programs are offered free of charge to adult and child survivors, ensuring that all who need them can access them. These include, in addition to Emergency Shelter and the 24-Hour Hotline listed above, legal advocacy; family counseling; domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse counseling; support groups for adults and children; substance abuse and mental health support; transitional living; community education and violence prevention; employment counseling and life-skills development; transitional living programming; translation/interpretation in any language; and free on-site childcare for clients utilizing any of these services. Programs are centered on meeting the unique needs of each client and are designed to empower while providing basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, and transportation). 24-Hour Hotline at 262.542.3828 or toll-free 888.542.3828 | 505 North East Avenue, Waukesha