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Anti-Semitic flyers found in Sussex neighborhoods, investigation underway (August 2023)
Neighbors concerned after finding anti-Semitic fliers in Sussex, Wisconsin (August 2023)
Parents demand Germantown Schools address antisemitic incidents (May 2023)
Jewish organization’s annual audit finds Wisconsin antisemitic incidents have risen by 494% since 2015 (March 2023)
Editorial | Antisemitism spike points to a broader hate problem (March 2023)
‘Blood on Their Hands’: Wisconsin Antisemitic Incidents Increase for Seventh Straight Year (March 2023)
WISN News 12 – Antisemitism audit (March 2023)
Jewish organization says antisemitic incidents increased 6% in Wisconsin in 2022 (March 2023)
New Report: Antisemitic Incidents Continue to Rise (March 2023)
Report: Antisemitism in Wisconsin soars for seventh consecutive year (March 2023)
Anti-Semitic incidents increase around the state for seventh consecutive year, report finds (March 2023)
Reported antisemitic acts up 494% from 2015-2022 (March 2023)
Milwaukee Jewish Federation: Reported antisemitic acts up 494% from 2015-2022 (March 2023)
The chronic scourge of casual antisemitism in a divisive era (February 2023)
Teach US students about Holocaust, experts say, amid rise in antisemitism (February 2023)
Crimes on the Rise (January 2023)
CUSH wins Anti-Defamation League award in stand against antisemitism in Kenosha (January 2023)
Something to Say: Legacy of MLK Honored with Program to Help Milwaukee Families Talk About Racism (January 2023)
Shining a Light on Antisemitism this Hanukkah Season (December 2022)
Milwaukee’s Jewish community hopes to shine a light on anti-Semitism this Hanukkah (December 2022)
Hoan Bridge Illuminating as a Menorah to “Shine a Light” on Antisemitism this Hanukkah Season (December 2022)
Milwaukee joins Hanukkah ‘Shine a Light’ initiative, fights antisemitism (December 2022)
Shining a Light on Antisemitism this Hanukkah Season (December 2022)
Shining a light on the growing problem of antisemitism in Wisconsin (December 2022)
Light the Hoan Honors Hanukkah at a Time of Rising Antisemitism (December 2022)
Milwaukee Jewish organizations celebrate Hanukkah with common goal of curbing antisemitism (December 2022)
A new pillar of the Hoan Bridge will be lit each night of Hanukkah as Milwaukee leaders put a spotlight on antisemitism (December 2022)
Jewish community hopes to be a light as anti-Semitism rises (December 2022)
Post From Community: Shining a light on antisemitism this Hanukkah season (December 2022)
Milwaukee Jewish Federation: Shining a light on antisemitism this Hanukkah season (December 2022)
‘We’re not going anywhere’: Wisconsin’s Jewish leaders say community is strong, despite rising antisemitism (November 2022)
Faith leaders speak out about anti-Semitic rhetoric spreading on social media (November 2022)
Concern grows among local Jewish community as antisemitism spreads (November 2022)
Milwaukee Jewish community speaks out after antisemitic remarks from two celebrities (November 2022)
The dangers of high-profile antisemitism from Kanye West and others (November 2022)
Kenosha man charged for littering after distributing antisemitic flyers (August 2022)
Racism and its connection to antisemitism topic of Courageous Conversation July 14 (June 2022)
Reports of antisemitism in Wisconsin remain near record-high levels in ‘troubling trend’ (March 2022)
Anti-Semitic incidents on rise in Wisconsin’s middle and high schools, report says (March 2022)
‘Coded message’ of hate found along the popular Oak Leaf Trail in Milwaukee (March 2019)
Anti-Semitic incidents increase in Wisconsin for fifth consecutive year (March 2019)
Hate crimes on the rise in Wisconsin; locals work to combat it (March 2019)
Report: Anti-Semitic incidents in Wisconsin on the rise (March 2019)
Study: Hate groups on the rise, 15 found in Wisconsin (February 2019)
Anti-Semitic graffiti at West Allis park is indicative of widespread hate, says Jewish leader (July 2018)
New Berlin West student writes anti-Semitic senior quote in yearbook (June 2018)
Kahn: Together, we can end hate in Milwaukee (Nov 2017)
Milwaukee Jewish Community Calls for United Response Against White Supremacists on CBS58 (Aug 2017)
Milwaukee Jewish Federation: Jewish community calls for united response against white supremacists (Aug 2017)
Jewish Community Calls for United Response Against White Supremacists (Aug 2017)
Trump’s Deportation Directive Targets Vulnerable Milwaukee Families (Feb 2017)
The Rise of Anti-Semitism (Feb 2017)
Incidents at UW-Madison contribute to spike in anti-Semitic incidents in 2016 (Feb 2017)
Ugly Acts of Anti-Semitism Surface in Milwaukee (Feb 2017)
Milwaukee Jewish Community Relations Council Reports Rise In Anti-Semitism (Feb 2017)
Milwaukee Jewish Federation Reports More Anti-Semitic Incidents in 2016 (Feb 2017)
Trend Shows Increase of Local Anti-Semitic Incidents (Feb 2017)
Jewish council opposes executive orders targeting immigrants and refugees (Feb 2017)
Debunking the Myths that Feed Islamophobia (Feb 2017)
Milwaukee Leaders Oppose Immigration Ban As Unconstitutional (Jan 2017)
Milwaukee-bound refugees’ travel plans halted (Jan 2017)
Wisconsin lawmakers split on Pres. Trump’s immigration ban; Muslim, Jewish groups push back (Jan 2017)
Jewish Community Opposes Executive Orders Targeting Immigrants and Refugees (Jan 2017)
Jewish Community Relations Council denounces the appointment of Stephen Bannon (Nov 2016)
Groups denounce President-elect Trump’s choice for chief strategist; Priebus calls him “a force for good” (Nov 2016)
Jewish Community Relations Council weighs in on Trump (Nov 2016)
Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise in Wisconsin schools (Mar 2016)
When is a statue just a statue? (Nov 2015)
Shorewood sculpture to be changed after anti-Semitism complaint (Nov 2015)
Shorewood awaits recommendation on sculpture (Nov 2015)
Milwaukee Suburb Removes Sculpture After Anti-Semitic Slur Allegations (Nov 2015)
Local anti-Semitic incidents reach 20-year high (Feb 2015)
Madison Police: Weekend Anti-Jewish Vandalism Considered Hate Crime (Feb 2015)
Report Says Dramatic Rise in Wisconsin Antisemitic Incidents; Data Released Day After Major Graffiti Spree in Madison (Feb 2015)
Anti-Semitism Spikes in the Badger State  (Feb 2015)
Local Jewish group raises concerns about recent anti-Semitic acts in Wisconsin (Feb 2015)
Jewish Federation Reports Anti-Semitic Incidents Were Up In Wisconsin In 2014 (Feb 2015)
Vandalism, graffiti demand strongest condemnation (Feb 2015)
Report finds dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Wisconsin (Feb 2015)
Rash of anti-Semitic graffiti includes at least 30 complaints (Feb 2015)
Amid New Violence In Gaza, Local Jewish Group Reports Uptick In Anti-Semitic Threats (Aug 2014)
“It’s gotten really scary:” Hate against Jews ramping up; Could it be because of what’s going on overseas? (Aug 2014)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Send Nazis a Message


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker bars Israel boycotters from doing business with his state (Oct 2017)
Wisconsin Jewish Federations Statement on Anti-Discrimination Order (Oct 2017)
Wisconsin governor signs anti-boycott Israel order (Oct 2017)
Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Pass Anti-Boycott Israel Law (Oct 2017)
A road to peace in the Mideast (Nov 2015)
Iran Briefing – October 29, 2012


How Jewish Federations in states with trigger bans on abortion are reacting (June 2022)
Roe vs. Wade Overturned: Members of Wisconsin Jewish Community concerned about religious liberty (June 2022)
Judge Mosley to receive 2022 Robert H. Friebert Social Justice Award (June 2022)
Reggie Jackson and Fran Kaplan to receive 2018 Robert H. Friebert Social Justice Award (June 2018)
An Islamic Path for Continuing Dr. King’s Call to End Injustice (April 2018)
White power, bias crimes: FBI reports surge in hate crimes (Dec 2017)
“Disturbing display:” Rally at City Hall amid contractor controversies, company issues statement (Dec 2017)
Kahn: Together, we can end hate in Milwaukee (Nov 2017)
Groups Call for Unified Weekend Against Hate (Oct 2017)
Hundreds come out in Tosa with message of peace (August 2017)
Faith, civil rights groups call for independent audit of Milwaukee police (August 2017)
Community Coalition for Quality Policing issues mandates to rebuild trust between public and police (August 2017)
CC4QP “Call To Action” Press Conference, August 1, 2017
Coalition Calls For Audit Of Milwaukee Police Department (August 2017)
Statements from the Rally for Unity and Pride (June 2017)
Pollack: The narrow-minded message of Wisconsin Family Action (Jan 2017)
Danae Davis to receive 2016 Robert H. Friebert Social Justice Award (May 2016)
Effort intended to expand interfaith dialogue across state (Jan 2015)
Civility Initiative
Lake Effect: The Need for Civility